#RCF24: 21-22 March 2024

Metropool & Wilminktheather

Reality Check Festival




Discover what RCF 2023 had in store

Discover what RCF 2023 had in store

Science & Research

From 5G SIM cards to QoE – full stack developments in Social XR

Piotr Zuraniewski


Virtual production and generative AI at the NPO

Egon Verharen


A creAItive intro to AI

Jeroen Linssen

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Socially Interactive Virtual Humans: The power of AI-driven algorithms to generate non-verbal communication

Zerrin Yumak

Utrecht University

Virtually Possible: Perceiving virtual humans in VR

Katja Zibrek


Digital Arts & Storytelling

Working for Hollywood in Twente as a 3D artist.

Edwin van het Bolscher

Freelance VFX artist, Re-lion, founder of 3dhype.nl.

The creative use of virtual production in high end drama

Dennis Kleyn & Nils Pauwels

Planet X & Ready Set Studios

Creating 2d drawing

Mitch Leeuwe

Freelancer 2D artist

Building worlds: from Hometown to Horizon

Elijah Houck


My journey as a digital concept sculptor

Maarten Verhoeven

Freelance Brush artist, digital concept sculptor

Business & Industry

Ethical considerations of XR development (Panel discussion)

John Walker


Creating compelling VR experiences across business domains 

Roger ter Heid & Nikita Kayal


Virtual blood, sweat & tears – the business of releasing VR games titles

Sam Watts


The reality of digital twins 

Christian Kleijn

Control Lab

How Rusty Lake’s new co-op game became top steam release Q&A

Luuk Waarbroek and Robin Ras

Rusty Lake

Imagination & Creation

Realities in transition (Artistic XR)

Vanessa Hannesschäger & Boris Debackere

Ars Electronica & V2_Lab

Virtual reconstruction of ancient Persepolis

Vincent van der Klaauw & Joris van Raaij


AI vs Organic Intelligence

Douwe van der Werf


Breaking through the revenue barrier: innovating new models and skills for filmmakers to solve societal problems

Arend Wouwenaar

Immersive Impact

Design for theme parks, bringing the virtual world to reality

Andre Lammers


The garden of liminal delights

Reciprocal altruism and self-organisation in videogame communities: lessons to learn form IRL

Marijam Didzgalyte

Writer about games and political activist

From AI to XR: an ongoing revolution in art

Anne Horel

Independent Artist

Forms of XR: From data points to visual decision making

Studio above&below

Independent artist

Lost worlds and lost flowers/ found worlds and found flowers

Abner Preis

Independent Artist

Put your controller on the floor

Uma Breakdown

Independent artist

Sound Design with Phase Plant

Ruben Hulzebosch

Introduction to Unity

Hans Wichman

Thumbnailing for Storytelling

Juan Bahamon

Roadmap Blender Blender Python

Jeroen Bakker

Publishing games on Steam

Kenneth van Beek & Sep Horsthuis

Draw together with Mitch Leeuwe

Mitch Leeuwe

Piece of armor (modeling in zbrush)

Arina Hendriks

Painting materials in 2d clip studio facilitator 

Taco van Loon

Create production ready models (sculpting in zbrush)

Maarten Verhoeven

Level Design 101 with the Portal 2 editor

Luuk Waarbroek

Cinematographic storytelling

Remco Mikkers

Live streaming full body motion capture with Movella’s Xsens Motion Capture Systems

Open Experience


ACuTe is an innovative and trend-setting project set to revolutionise how theatre and performing arts are produced and performed by incorporating emerging technology and new forms of cultural collaboration and competence development.

ACuTe comprises a strong partnership of 14 leading theatres, universities, and creative arts organisations, including Saxion XR Lab, Ars Electronica, the European Theatre Convention, and Europe’s first Academy for Theatre and Digitally. This consortium, representing 10 different European countries, is set to achieve new approaches and models for testing new technology, leading to audience development, co-creation, and capacity development within performing arts and theatre institutions.

During Reality Check Festival the members of ACuTe visited talks and conducted brainstorming sessions and workshops to learn more and change the future of performing arts and theatre production.


SURF hosted the 2nd XR Developer meetup at Reality Check Festival 2023. For more than 35 years, SURF has been the IT cooperative organization of educational and research institutions in the Netherlands.

In its role of connecting people on areas of innovation, SURF initiated the XR Developer Network to bring together those working on XR for education and research. It is a technically focused group complementary to existing XR communities active at the SURF members, not tied to a specific application domain or sector, but with the technological level as a focal point.

Industrial Reality Hub

The Industrial Reality Hub (IRhub) is a European Fieldlab for regional innovation with Dutch companies that develop XR and/or apply it to industry. IRhub hosted an open meet-up session to discuss best practices for preparing individuals who are new to XR experiences.

2023, Saxion XR Lab. All rights reserved


2023, Saxion XR Lab. All rights reserved